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OPINION: Starmer must finally finish what he has started

Just because Labour MPs John McDonnell and Zarah Sultana attempted to legitimise a deranged anti-Israel rally in Whitehall with their speeches does not mean they condone chants at the event urging Hamas to “blow up” an Israeli city. Far from it.

The pair were, however, damned by their presence.

What on earth were two of Keir Starmer’s MPs doing topping the bill – getting the crowd worked up into such a froth – at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign-Stop the War Coalition rally attended, in the main, by two types of boiling militants: those who happily cheer Jew killers and those who often tend to think along similar lines but remain in tenuous possession of the brain cell required to keep the volume down?

When he took over two years ago, Starmer pledged to free his party from the curse of Jeremy Corbyn.

It is a tribute to him that, according to a recent Jewish Labour Movement survey, 91 percent of its members believe Labour is genuinely trying to tackle antisemitism.

The return to the fold of former MP Dame Louise Ellman also spoke volumes.

But as long as there remain places at Starmer’s table for the likes of McDonnell, Sultana and the eight other Labour MPs who recently did the Kremlin’s bidding by condemning Nato, the curse will maintain a menacing hold.

Boris Johnson’s government is a shambles. Today’s publication of Sue Gray’s report into illegal lockdown parties in and around Downing Street at the height of the pandemic provides yet more damning proof. But there can be no alternative to the Tories until Starmer finally finishes the job.

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