NEWS: Tackling poverty at Parliamentary reception

Israel Relief Charity Manna Meir Panim held its second Parliamentary reception on Monday. Sponsored by Bank Leumi (Plc) UK, the sell-out event of more than 100 guests was preceded by a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

MC of the event, Jewish News editor Mr Richard Ferrer, opened the speeches by speaking about his own involvement with the charity from his first-hand experience of visiting one of the schools for deprived children helped by Meir Panim in Israel and how due to this support the school, which was almost forced to close its doors, is now thriving.

Addressing the annual MANNA [Meir Panim UK] Parliamentary reception in the House of Commons.

Addressing the annual MANNA [Meir Panim UK] Parliamentary reception in the House of Commons.

Organiser and board member of the charity, Mark Sabah highlighted the work Meir Panim in Israel does with Holocaust survivors.

Nadhim Zahawi MP then stated: ‘Israel is a remarkable country’ and spoke highly of its technological achievement but he noted that ‘some people fall between the cracks’ and that these people need our help.

Shadow Minister for Mental Health Luciana Berger also reflected on the attacks in Israel, saying: ‘Political leaders must do all they can to restore calm.’

She then focused on the work of the charity and the heartbreaking fact that 36% of Israeli children live below the poverty line.

She ended on a hopeful note that one day there should be no need for food banks, or families who are unable to feed their children.

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