Opinion: Next time Nicolas, stick to Peter Crouch’s robot

photo-1West Brom footballer Nicolas Anelka faces an FA probe after being accused of making a neo-Nazi racist salute.

During a goal celebration in a match against West Ham, the Frenchman  performed the ‘quenelle’, popularised by his fellow countryman and comedian, Dieudonne.

Also know as a reverse Seig Heil, the gesture is being used as a way around strict French anti-hate speech laws.

It is strongly linked to anti-Semitism in Anelka’s homeland and is the subject of a viral craze among some of Dieudonne’s fans, who have uploaded pictures of themselves performing the sneaky salute at Auschwitz and the Anne Frank Museum.

Anelka’s explicit and premeditated antics show either a breathtaking lack of awareness or point to something far more sinister.

Next time Nicolas, stick to Peter Crouch’s robot.

VIDEO: Mind your body language… discussing Anelka’s ‘anti-Semitic’ gesture on Sky Sports News: